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Max Pene penis enhancement pill is the latest male’s health system to come out of Europe. The official website is unfortunately not in English; but in German, Italian, Spanish and French.

Their advertisements claim that Max Pene was manufactured by professor Thomas Clark from the London Center for Sexual Health. Even thought this center does exists, there is no record of a professor Thomas Clark. This scheme is often used by advertisement to hide the true identity of the people behind this sex scam.


Outrageous Claims

Usually when something is too good to be true it is. Max Pene sure makes some bold and outrageous claims. They go as far as stating that this miracle pill will make you gain 3 inches in just 7 days. This is completely false. There is no pill out there in the market that will make you gain that many inches in such a little time. This has been proven over and over again. Many Doctors have also confirmed that your penis is a muscle that can only increase in size with penis extenders or exercises.

In addition, they also claim that this Max Pene male enhancement helps with libido, premature ejaculation, stiffness and erectile dysfunction. That’s stretching it a little too far don’t you think? They could have convinced us with size increase but being greedy and making it a miracle formula is surely too good to be true.

If that wasn’t enough, claiming a 98% success rate without any real medical evidence is just unacceptable. So far all statements made by Max Pene, whether its on their website or direct marketing material, nothing has enough evidence that makes it credible.


Money Back Guarantee

Dispite that Max Pene offers a money back guarantee, there are many consumers asking for refunds and having no luck getting their money back. We suspect that they have fine prints and complex return procedures to discourage customers to return for refunds.


Fake Testimonials

Whether the testimonials shown on the official website is debatable, but our expert team assumes that these are fake. Most probably they are made up by Max Pene employees to convince users to buy their sex pill.


Ingredients Exposed

The main ingredient in Max Pene is Muira Puama “Potency Wood”. This is an all-natural ingredient native to the Amazon rain forest. Muira Puama is known to increase libido in both men and woman. Here comes the disappointing news. Almost all male enhancement products out there contain this ingredient. So what makes Max Pene so different from all the other products out in the market? The answer is nothing! This is exactly the same scam as any other male enhancement pill you’ve taken in the past.


The Final Word

The final word from the experts is don’t buy Max Pene. Taking into consideration that outrageous claims, ordinary ingredients and extremely negative comments and reviews by previous consumers we ask you not to buy this pill.


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  1. Got this product….. NO IMPROVEMENT… SORE penis all the time now. AND get no erections… DON’T get this product…save your money and your penis

  2. james mclean says:

    my name james mclean i never try this product before,i would like to try it, thank james mclean.

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