Nitroxin Review

Nitroxin is the latest fad male enhancement craze on the internet. Many of you have requested that we review Nitroxin sex pill so here we go.
We got in touch with Nitroxin company and were shocked to find out that they are based out of Montreal Canada. No were on their website to they mention that they are a Canadian company but they are. This is a known tactic that scam companies employ to confuse their consumers and avoid any legal law suits. Thus making it hard for customers to find their true location.
Nitroxin claims that their male enchantment pill is widely used in the adult industry and is proudly sponsored by pornstar “Bree Olsen”. You would think that if this was really true, that they can actually get the spelling of their sponsors name right. It should be “Bree Olson”. Great work Nitroxin team!


Testimonials Exposed

Initial investigation online is NOT POSITIVE at all. Many customers that ordered Nitroxin are requesting their money back. If that wasn’t bad enough, when you place an order they will continue to send you the same order every month and they charge your credit card on file without asking you. Consumers have clearly made the same comments online making these negative reviews even more truthful.


Nitroxin Ingredients

According to the Nitroxin website, “the proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients in Nitroxin work synergistically to stimulate production of these all-important sex hormones.” Don’t you love it when they keep the ingredients such a mystery? If they stand by their proprietary formula, why not expose it to the public? Do they have something to hide?


FDA approved? NO!

There is no mention that Nitroxin is FDA approved. We take this as a big indication that the ingredients are not safe or proven to increase your penis size.


Secure Online Payments? NO!

Nitroxin claims that their website is Verified Secure, which means that online payments are secure and your credit card numbers are kept confidential. This is not the case with the Nitroxin website. We do not trust online payments, stay away!



Nitroxin is a the latest internet sex pill scam. Don’t be fooled or taken advantage like thousands of customers. This pill will not make you gain inches or make you get an erection like they claim it will.


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Nitroxin Rating

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11 Responses to “Nitroxin Review”

  1. Philip Castengera says:

    Ordered Nitroxin in May 2012 and it didn’t work. I looked for the address and number to return the unused portion and get my money back but there wasn’t a return form in the package….no address no telephone. In addition, I continue to receive the same order every month and they continue to bill me. This is a huge scam and your need to beware. DON”T ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

    • I returned the product on the advise of my family doctor 3 days after receiving it.I talked to two agents of the Co. and they promised I would get my two payments returned within 90 days. It is now past that.T whom Can we report this robbery and get some action.

  2. Nitroxin is the worse enhancement pill for man that ever tested this company ought to be sued for false advertisement. Very disappointed.

  3. I tried this Nitroxin Sexual Male Enhancer ,it don’t work.I canceled it by phone and still getting billed every month, its a scam don’t buy it. STAY AWAY!

  4. David A. Williamson says:

    I have received a half letter size 32 page full color booklet for Nitroxin and DVDs. Many pages have 1-888-308-5199 at the bottom. There is also a paper order form and included addressed envelope in the booklet. Address in 3 lines: Nitroxin Products 954 Lexington Ave., Ste-345 New York, NY 10021. Printed at bottom of order form in bold print is: “”Either You Get Bigger or We’ll Pay You 110%!”” In regular print is: The makers of Nitroxin stand behind its potency–so again, test drive it for the next 90 days, then look in the mirror and get ready to be impressed by your new big size, stamina and endurance as you come like a gusher inside your lover … over and over again! If within your 90 Days you are not satisfied with the results (for any reason) whatsoever, simply send us the unused portion. We’ll then promptly refund 110% of your purchase price, no questions asked.””

  5. Nitroxin and Divine Horizons based in CA is a total scam to get your credit card billing number. They advertise that you will be billed $2.95 and have with 10 days FROM THE DATE YOU PLACE THE ORDER to try the product. In 10 days, I had still not yet received the product and was billed 89.95 non-refundable for the order. I complained to customer service about this bogus treatment and the rude jerk in Customer Service told me on the phone to read the fine print on the website. He summarized it to say that you are billed $89.95 “… whether you receive their (useless) product or not”. From a consumer point of view, thats unbelieveable. The product arrived more than 16 days after the original contact and order. Turns out that the product does not work and is probably a placebo. They will not taked the unused portion back. Be aware that Nitroxin is a total and complete scam. I explained to Customer Service that the California Attorney General will be contacting Divine Horizons and your outside Customer Service firm. Their attitude was “good luck” with that.

    If after reading this, if you still want to send these scammers your credit card number, please don’t say I did not warn you.

  6. Owen Silvious says:

    Nitroxin is just another scam and the only people making money or actually getting anything out of this product are the sellers of Nitroxin. I called to cancel my order and get a refund, they refused to refund the &9.95 they charged to my credit card. They have a number of 1-888-772-1713 All I want is a refund of my $79.95 otherwise I intend to file a civil class action lawsuit against the company and individuals involved. We must stop all these male enhancement scams once and for all. Thanks

  7. They are crooks as I talked to a live person Twice and they promised to reimburse me.I canncelled my order 3 days after receiving it upon advice of my family Doctor and they still billed my credit card to whom I am in the process of them contacting the Co.

  8. Robert Bee says:

    If you are determined to get yourself sucked in by these scams such as ‘as seen on TV’ stuff, colon cleaners, etc., you must protect yourself. Buy a rechargeable card and only put in the amount of money you are willing to spend. When they try to continue to debit your account, there will be no money in it. Of course they may be able to identify this type of card and then they will have to explain to you that no sale is possible because your card won’t support continuing withdrawals – at which point you can stop the scam or do something really stupid.

  9. nitro sucks says:

    Its a scam don’t order,they will charge your credit without permission,this is bs

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