Xenocil Review

Xenocil male enhancement pill is a relatively new product on the market. They gradually gained more and more presence on the internet after sending thousands of direct marketing advertisement to potential customers. The sad thing is that most of these customer addresses and contact information where bought by other companies making it easy for them to take advantage of men with erectile dysfunction complications. Xenocil pills still have no official medical research proven that they really work. People buy the pills in hope to rejuvenate their sex life.

Recently Xenocil’s marketing strategy took it up to the next level by creating an official website. For the longest time, this company did not have a website. That raises a red flag already. Why would a reputible company with such great testimonials not have an online presence? Where they trying to get a feel of their potential market? Where they trying to keep a low profile in case they get sewed? So many questions yet very little answers.


Outrageous Claims

Claim #1: Xenocil pills breaks down fatty deposits in your arteries.
There is no medical research that supports this claim. Most heart disease doctors have proven that the most effective way to unblock your arteries the natural way is with a healthy diet and stress management. There is no such thing as a miracle pill to unblock arteries in your penis.

Claim #2: Xenocil repairs your damaged nerve communicators.
The dorsal nerve of the penis is the deepest division of the pudendal nerve. Nerve damage is most of the time repaired with extensive surgery. There is no miracle pill to help cure dorsal nerve damage.

Claim #3: Xenocil removes penile plaque & gives you visible gains.
Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a plaque, or hard lump, forms on the penis. Because the plaque of Peyronie’s disease often shrinks or disappears without treatment, most doctors suggest waiting one to two years or longer before attempting to correct it with surgery. In many cases, surgery produces positive results. There is no miracle pill to remove plaque on the penis.


Money Back Guarantee

Xenocil offers an impressive 2 year money back guarantee. Are they that confident that their pills work? The answer is NO! Data and research statistics have shown that many consumers will take advantage of a money back guarantee within the first couple of months. Chances are that after 1-2 years, they are discouraged to ask for a refund by returning their product. Stats also show that after 1 year many consumers have forgot all about the money back guarantees promised by scam online retailers.


Xenocil Testimonials

Xenocil uses the same testimonial strategy as other sex pills we reviewed in the past. Xenocil creditably is promoted by Pornstars. The sex industry can be very persuasive to convince consumers to buy these pills. However, 90% of the times this is not the case. We believe pornstars are getting payed to endorse these Xenocil pills. With a little promotion and a lot of money, pills can be transformed to miracle pills. Where are all the average joes like you and me? If this product is so successful in getting you harder, bigger and thicker, why aren’t there posting testimonials from people that have bought it and used it? We believe that there aren’t any real testimonials, except bought testimonials.


Xenocil Ingredients

Xenocil Ingredients are not made available to the public. Not even on the website or their advertising material. Why are we not surprised? Companies that don’t stand behind their ingredients usually means that they are using the same ingredients that every other male enhancement pills are.


The Final Word

The facts don’t lie! With and abundance of negative testimonials, basic literature, delayed online presence and bold claims without any medical proof, leads us to believe that Xenocil is just another fly-by-night company.


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4 Responses to “Xenocil Review”

  1. did not work at all… what a rip off

  2. michael Lopez says:

    Id ordered xenocil. Being waiting. I’d mailed it February 27th 2014 please respond my name again is Michael Lopez I’d sent you an check already. thank you please don’t use my email call me on my phone

  3. The fact that they dont list ingredients is a BIG red flag..Secondly they are NOT cheap at $1.50-$2 a pill is a ripoff!….I’m guessing there are pharmaceuticals in there but need someone to send them in for lab tests..

  4. Mrs. B T says:

    I will let you know right now my husband is a heart patient and if he’s taking your shit and you don’t gave him the money back I will sewed Your ass. You can bit. He’s paid a lot of money that we don’t have for this mass and if incase it don’t work and it hasn’t at this point I will see to it that every one and my lawyer knows about you.

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